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Born in Tibet

Made in America

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Our Story

Yakwear© was born from the need to use the best performing and most durable gear when heading into the outdoors.

My name is Jakob Laggner, and I'm the founder of YAKWEAR©. I have spent my entire life working and playing in the mountains. I've been a ski guide in the Pacific Northwest, California and Alaska. I’ve led climbing and backcountry horse rides in Patagonia and Colorado. I own Treks and Tracks, a wilderness survival school and guide outfit.


“ When it comes to spending time in extreme environments, your life depends on using gear that performs well when it really counts.”

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Why Yakwear?

Mountain guides work equipment to the max, so we’re always on the hunt for the best performing and most durable gear.

I’ve been a fan of merino wool for years. The clothing is comfortable, functions well and holds up over time. Merino sheep live at higher elevations than other sheep, so their wool adapted to the harsher environment. The reason merino wool performs well is altitude. They graze at around 3,000 feet.

Yaks on the other hand live at altitudes well over 15,000 feet. Their wool has adapted in incredible ways to this harsh environment.

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Yak Wool is

Super soft
Yakwear© is water repellent
Yakwear© is warmer
Anti microbal

Born in Tibet
Made in America

Our Sock is made 100% in America

We are excited to be working with a US manufacturer who is on the leading edge of knitting technology for outdoor socks. They have been instrumental in ensuring that the Yak Sock is of the highest American made quality. We have sourced 100% yak yarn that is harvested from high altitude yaks in Tibet and spun in a mill in China. We ship the yarn to our manufacturer in the United States where it is knit into the final product.

yak socks packed for sale

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Tel: (831) 704-6132

303 Potrero St 45-102
Santa Cruz, CA 95065

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